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Virtual Therapy Room

The Living Well UK Therapy Room is a virtual wellbeing pop-up space, packed with a huge variety of mental health resources and wellbeing content for free.

From video guides on mindfulness and live classes; through to courses on both anger management and sleep management: the Living Well UK Therapy Room service brings an increasingly diverse range of mental health provisions direct to the fingertips of those who need them.

How the Therapy Room works

Whether you’re at the start of your wellbeing journey, or are looking for online resources to add to your toolkit, The Living Well Therapy Room is always growing, with new videos and live classes being added.

This Virtual Therapy Room is available for you 24/7. Access the videos below to your convenience.


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Anger 2

Anger Management

With this three step session from Citizen Coaching, you walk your first steps towards a better anger management, and reclaiming control.

Click here to access this free service.


Creative Activities

Creative Activities is a great way to enhance wellbeing and stimulate the mind to think outside the box whilst generating positive feelings. The courses are delivered by Birmingham Creative Arts Therapies.

Click here to access this free service.

A woman at a Christmas market stands side on to the camera looking up, while holding a hot drink. There is a blurred Christmas tree in the background.

Daily Wellbeing

Our therapists will help you understand some of these practices and show you creative ways to improve your mental health, reduce the effects of stress and anxiety and gently encourage changes that you can build into your life. It is as easy as making simple changes to your habits.

Click here to access this free service.

Group of women doing dance based exercise

Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy involves energetic dance workouts from varied genres which give you the opportunity to have fun whilst increasing your heart rate and mood.

Click here to access this free service.


Pilates at your Desk

Pilates at your Desk, or short PAYD, demonstrates low impact seated routines, exercises and practical tips to get you moving and breathing in ways that improve your posture, strength and mobility.

Click here to access this free service.

Self Help

We have partnered with Lumien a powerful online tool that allows you to understand and manage your own wellbeing. It will help you work out which of our therapies and services could be most beneficial for you. Living Well have partnered with Lumien to recommend our services more effectively. Through the completion of a wellbeing checklist on the  platform it can support to signpost to our Consortium members and services that could be beneficial to you.

Lumien is a supporting tool that allows you to understand and manage your own wellbeing, with weekly check-ins, insights and tips delivered to your inbox.

Your data is anonymous and only you can view it.

Please click the LUMIEN button below to access the service.

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