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Group Walks

June Sign ups are now open! Please select the date(s) you would like to participate.

11th of June         18th of June          25th of June

Why Group Walks? 

Group Walks are organized by our wellbeing coach Sarah and offer the opportunity to connect with other people. Sarah meets regularly with a group at Cannon Hill Park for a one hour walk at a slow place, followed up by a grounding or relaxation exercise to finish. 

In outdoor spaces difficult feelings may feel less intense, more manageable and easier to be with. In fact, there is abundant research which shows that just experiencing green spaces has a direct effect on well-being and can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

Our wellbeing coach will be able to make use of the space to show you grounding techniques such as mindfulness or deep breathing which you can use independently to manage your mood. 


Cannon Hill Park 

We meet and start from outside the MAC by the swan pedalos.

Cannon Hill Park
B12 9QH Birmingham

There is a café and toilet facilities, for your comfort either before or after the session. Initially, walks will be on firm paths, rather than tracks or trails, to avoid distractions. 



You are advised to wear suitable footwear, such as trainers, walking boots, wellingtons, although what is suitable will depend on the weather and time of year. 

You should bring something to keep you dry if it rains, such as a waterproof jacket or an umbrella. Please also think about wearing suitable clothing for the temperature, so that you are not too hot or cold. 

In the summer you may want to bring a hat and sun lotion. 

We advise you to bring a drink with you (takeaway drinks are available from the café) or a bottle of water. For reasons of hygiene (particularly Covid) we will not provide a drink. 



Obviously, we can’t predict the weather and different people will have different feelings about what conditions they are prepared to walk in. However, we will usually assume that sessions will go ahead in damp or cold conditions, even if rain is expected.  

All walks will be held within daylight hours.  


Useful information 

You can travel to Cannon Hill Park by bus. Bus numbers 1, 35, 41,45, 61 and 63 all stop near the park. The 1 and 35 stop on Edgbaston Road, which runs alongside the park. The 41 and 45 stop on the Pershore Road, from which you would turn right onto Edgbaston Road and proceed to the main entrance. The 61 and 63 stop on the Bristol Road from which you would turn onto Edgbaston Road, cross Pershore Road and proceed along Edgbaston Road to the main entrance. 

There is parking at the main entrance which costs £2.60 for up to 4 hours. There is free parking at the other end of the park, by Holders Lane Fields (off Holders Lane) but you need to allow 10 to 15 minutes to walk through the park to the main entrance to meet your therapist. 

Toilets are available in the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) and in The Garden Tearoom. 

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