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Aston Villa Foundation

Living Well is proud to be partnering with the Aston Villa Foundation to improve the wellbeing of young adults through the Aston Villa Wellbeing Programme for Young People.

A word from Olivia

"I am Olivia Hunt the Wellbeing Practitioner at Aston Villa Foundation and we are in partnership with Living Well Consortium. I deliver one to one therapeutic support sessions for young people aged 8-25 years old, focusing on their mental health and emotional wellbeing. My support is available for young people involved within Aston Villa Foundation.

There are so many unique opportunities within my role; from creating a series of wellbeing podcasts with the young people I work with, to visiting Kenya in 2023, and even meeting Aston Villa’s first team players to promote the importance of mental health support."

Summer 2022

Olivia delivered a series of different workshops which covered different topics such as "Coping Techniques in Sport" to "The Impact of Mental Wellbeing on Physical Wellbeing".

Over 400 young people participated in the workshops so far and more workshops are soon to be delivered in local schools.

Aston Villa
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