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SilverCloud - Online Therapy

SilverCloud is an online program based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). It's programmes are flexible, effective, and easy to use.

How Does It work?

You will either be allocated to SilverCloud by a practitioner or you can refer themselves to SilverCloud via this form:

Self-Referral Form

A secondary form must then be completed for the referral to be processed. This form will be sent to you by email.

Afterwards you will be matched with a supporter who is a qualified Personal Wellbeing Practitioner. The Practitioner will be answering your comments and reviewing completed tasks at a pace of your choosing, weekly or bi-weekly for six sessions.

Once you have completed treatment on SilverCloud, you will be able to continue accessing SilverCloud for one year, free to use the helpful tools and program material within this period.

SilverCloud includes:

    • Space from Anxiety
    • Space from Depression
    • Space for Positive Body Image
    • Space for Resilience
    • Space from Health Anxiety
    • Space from OCD
    • Space from Panic
    • Space from Social Anxiety
    • Space from Phobia
    • Space from Stress
    • Space for Sleep
    • Space in CHD from Depression & Anxiety
    • Space in Chronic Pain from Depression & Anxiety
    • Space in Diabetes from Depression & Anxiety
    • Space in Lung Conditions from Depression & Anxiety

You still have questions? For more information on SilverCloud email us now.

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