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grounded. provides wellbeing spaces for the community. Please visit to explore more about grounded. Selly Oak and grounded. Hall Green.

grounded. Hall Green

grounded. Hall Green is a wellbeing space with community at its heart. A space for you to take a break and find comfort, grounded. is a community-centred hub that puts wellbeing first.

With funding from NHS England, the second addition to Living Well Consortium’s roster of wellbeing hubs, grounded. Hall Green is a welcoming, safe place to discuss options for mental health support with a registered therapeutic mentor and attend wellbeing workshops and community events, all of which aim to improve mental wellbeing, remove the stigma around mental health and bring the community together.

grounded. Selly Oak

grounded. Selly Oak is where a cup of coffee meets a moment of mindfulness. The space for you to relax, recover, or recoup, groundedSelly Oak is a community-centred café that puts wellbeing first.

Everything grounded. Selly Oak does – from their community events and workshops; through to their group and one-to-one therapies – is to help people to feel better. This ethos runs all the way through groundedSelly Oak, even down to our cups of coffee. Each one is brewed by Evolve, a social enterprise providing young people who have faced barriers into employment with training and job opportunities.

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