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Healing Circles

Living Well Consortiums introduces Healing Circles, created by Pattigift Therapy who deliver the service. Healing Circles are a way to bring those from African and Caribbean backgrounds to meet for group discussions and talk about the impact of race on their mental health. Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, Reaching Communities Programme, this alternative form of therapy has been delivered to over 612 individuals.

Come to learn, share, heal and breath…remember ‘one han, cyaan clap’.

What are Healing Circle?

Healing circles are an alternative group option that acknowledges the importance of coming together in dedicated safe spaces to learn how to deal with the impact of racial issues and its association with ill health experienced both physically and emotionally.

The Healing Circles are delivered by Black men and women who are trained in delivering Healing Circle sessions. Healing Circles are part of a global movement to address the impact of race on health.

The circles provide culturally specific strategies and resources to help black people discuss and heal from historical and current traumas both individually and collectively.

Why take part?

The circles are shared with the black community as a form of therapeutic intervention supporting individuals to build resilience, address trauma, build collective cohesion and develop family support for an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.

It enables people to share their experiences and learn that racism is not the individual’s problem/issue, rather ‘it’s a societal, institutional and systemic issue relating to what is wrong with the world.’

Attending the Healing circles provides an opportunity to understand there is nothing ‘wrong’ with individuals and helps them gain an understanding of the psychological world that has caused harm, and that reminds the participants of what is good and right about their culture and being-well practices.

A culturally inclusive approach

The Circles offer members of the Black African and Caribbean heritage community a safe space where they can come together to share their experiences and receive informal group support for the challenges they may be facing in their professional and personal lives.

It supports ‘Living Well Black’ – which enables those of African and Caribbean heritages to immerse themselves in ‘Living Optimally’ despite racial oppression.

You can sign up by calling us at 0121 663 1217 or clicking the REGISTER NOW button below.

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