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Sandwell Valley Multisport Programme

“Thank you so much for running these sessions. When I started, I was very nervous as I am not a confident swimmer and had no idea what to expect, but everyone had made me feel very relaxed. [...] I found the cold water, the swimming and the nature was really helpful, it was great to take time away from all the stress that was going on at home and at work and I feel that these sessions really helped with my outlook on life. I would love to keep in touch with the team and would love to be involved in any future activities”

- Participant from Dosthill “Open Water Swimming”

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Sandwell Valley Multisport Programme

The Sandwell Valley Multisport Programme was born out of the success of the Dosthill Open Water Swimming Programme, which Living Well offered in 2021.

This programme is tailored for pupils Year 3 and above from the Sandwell area, looking to get active and improve their overall well-being. The programme is free and will include the provision of fruit and hot & cold drinks, coach pick-ups, and any needed equipment.

What time does the program start?

The first part of the outdoor sports programme will run from Wednesday 25th of January until the 31st of May at Dartmouth Park Playground by Lodge Hill Road Car Park (B70 6TT) starting from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. During this time the pupils will enjoy outdoor sports and games hosted by our trained session leaders.

The second half of the programme will run from the 5th of June until the 31st of July, starting at 6:30pm. The warmer weather will provide the right atmosphere for the highlight of the programme - the open-water swimming. Qualified open-water swimming coaches will be on site at Swan Lake pool and are trained to support for any skill level, prior swimming experience is not needed. Outdoor sports and games will still be hosted by our trained session leaders but at Swan Lake during this time.

How do children get to the location?

Coach pick-ups are organized as follows:

    • Collection from St John Bosco then from Eaton Valley Primary School to Swan Pool from the 5th of June until the 31st of July

The 6 benefits of Open-Water Swimming

    • It boosts dopamine levels
    • Positive impact on your wellbeing
    • Mindfulness
    • Building new friendships
    • Exercise
    • Reducing symptoms of anxiety
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