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Pilates at you Desk

Pilates at your Desk, or short PAYD, demonstrates low impact seated routines, exercises and practical tips to get you moving and breathing in ways that improve your posture, strength and mobility.

This service weekly online service is free to use, just hop onto zoom and be part of the group.


Please note: Kerrie-Anne's sessions, from 23rd to 4th March (inclusive), will be taught by one of her colleagues.

What is offered and how to join?

There are currently two courses running; Move At Your Desk, and Mat Pilates. Both classes are classes are taught by Pilates teacher Kerrie-Anne Bradley and are suited for all levels.

These times don't work for you? No problem. In our Virtual Therapy Room, you can find PAYD courses from Kerrie-Anne, to watch at your convenience. Click here


Mondays - Move At Your Desk

    • Simple seated and standing movements to stretch, reduce pain and improve posture.
    • You will need a chair and a little space to move around it for the option standing section.
    • This class will leave you feeling stronger, looser, more aligned, calmer and hopefully happier too!
    • Ever Monday starting at 12.30pm
    • Meeting link on Zoom: 854 3132 6190
    • Password: PAYD

Fridays - Mat Pilates 

    • This class will focus on gentle strengthening exercises for the tummy, back, bottom, legs, and arms. Suitable for all levels and safe for those with back or tummy muscle issues.
    • Bring a mat or something soft to lie on (carpet works) and some light hand weights or tins of beans!
    • 45min every Friday starting at 9.15am
    • Meeting link on Zoom: 364 128 239
    • Password: 096509

This is a general class for all levels and abilities. The movements in this class are mat based. They are safe and easy to follow. 



Any injuries or medical conditions should be disclosed before taking part by emailing Should you experience any discomfort or pain when doing a particular exercise you should stop and wait until the next exercise to continue.

There will be time at the end of each class to talk to the teacher where you can ask about any particular movement issues. It is Pilates At Your Desk preference that your camera is on so that more detailed cues can be given based on what the teacher sees. That said you can still take part with your camera off.

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