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Data and Administration

Please find below all members of the Living Well Data and Administration Team.

Portrait photo of Shahid Zaman

Shahid Zaman
Data and Admin Lead

In 2017, after graduating from Coventry University with a First-Class Business and Marketing degree, Shahid joined Living Well Consortium as a part of the Data team.
He was then promoted to Data Lead and subsequently Data and Admin lead, dealing with all aspects of data reporting such as queries, database changes and submissions. A key part of his role is measuring the performance of all contracts through various data analytics and overseeing all incoming referrals into the service.
Whether you have data queries, need support in training or need assistance in increasing performance, Shahid is always ready to lend a hand.

Shahid also enjoy sports, spicy food and vibing to ‘Fantasy’ by Mariah Carey. He once told me: “There is a friendly and open atmosphere throughout the whole company – Mondays don’t feel like a Monday over here." 

Shahid 2
Aman 1

Aman Shoker
Administration and Data Entry Officer

Aman recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BSc in Psychology In Education. Aman has had a passion for mental health and psychology since she began studying it during school. She then went to pursue this at degree level where she realised she would like to pursue her future career in the mental health sector.

In her free time, Aman enjoys cooking, going on nature walks and travelling.

Aman 2
ebrahim 1

Ebrahim Kasu
Administration and Data Entry Officer

Ebrahim has a background in Business and Management through graduating from Aston University with a distinction when completing his masters degree and a 1st class honors in his undergraduate degree.

Ebrahim has huge passion for football as he loves to play regularly and also supports Aston Villa. He is a season ticket holder and spends many of his weekends watching the mighty villa.

Ebrahim 2
Lauren S 01

Lauren Sutheran
Administration and Data Entry Officer

Lauren has extensive experience working in primary schools as a KS2 Teaching Assistant and Play Worker. She graduated from the University of Sheffield with a 1st class honours in History and has recently completed an MA in Modern British Studies at the University of Birmingham. She is a keen writer, and specialises in modern Irish gender history.

Outside of work her favourite pastimes include reading lots of feminist and fantasy literature, and exploring her newfound love of hiking.

Lauren S 02
Ophelia 1

Ophelia Byrne
Clinical Administration and Data Entry Officer

After growing up in Kenya, Ophelia studied Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Birmingham where she found her passion for mental health.

She is particularly interested in public health psychology and how we can use exercise as a way of improving our mental wellbeing.

In her free time, Ophelia plays Ultimate frisbee for Birmingham Ultimate. She has played in many locations ranging from Glasgow to Herning in Denmark. She also started playing disc golf during the pandemic and has played all across the UK.

Ophelia 2
Rachelle 1

Rachelle Elliott
Data Assistant

She has graduated from the University of Bolton with a Bachelor's degree in criminological and forensic psychology. She holds a Masters in investigative psychology from the University of Huddersfield.

While at University Rachelle enjoyed researching and working with data. Which led her to her current role through the Kickstarter scheme. She has now joined Living Well as a fulltime employee and works as a data assistant for Living Well consortium.

Outside of work Rachelle enjoy a number of hobbies including crocheting, baking, painting, gardening and cooking.

Rachelle 2
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