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Motivation and Movement Group

Sarah Cannon will be running a motivation and movement group.

  • Dates: 6 week course beginning Wednesday 9th November 2022 and running weekly until December 14th.
  • Times: There are 2 different group times with a different exercise focus. 12:30-14:00pm (interval/circuit training class) and 14:30-16:00pm (chair based movement class)
  • Location: Cartlands Tea Rooms in Kings Heath Park

Please read more about the programme below.

What to expect

Motivation and Movement is a free 6 week course that will look to boost your motivation, improve your mood, and increase your fitness.

We will explore how the way that you think, the way that you feel physically and emotionally, as well as the things that you do, are all linked and can impact on how you feel. We will do this using an approach called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Each week we will spend 45 minutes exploring a different CBT tool or technique which has been shown to improve mood and boost motivation. You will be encouraged to complete small homework tasks each week to begin reflecting on and implementing these tools into your day-to-day life for maximum benefit.

This will be completed alongside a 45 minute full body exercise session. You do not need to be a regular gym goer or exerciser already to attend as all levels of fitness will be catered for. This course is great whether you are looking to kickstart your fitness journey or need a little more accountability to keep consistent.

There is abundant research which shows that movement has a positive impact on well-being and can reduce feelings of low mood and anxiety. By engaging in CBT alongside structured exercise, you can gain benefit from both.


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    • A free 6 week course aimed at improving mood, increasing motivation, and improving fitness.
    • The group will meet weekly for a 90 minute workshop. Each week will involve 45 minutes focusing on cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to improve mood and motivation over the winter months. This will be combined this with a 45-minute full body workout.
    • Spaces are limited to 5 people per group so that all levels of fitness can be catered for.
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