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This area offers free wellbeing videos all providing invigorating, inspiring, fun and relaxing activities for you to enjoy in your own space, time and leisure.


Dance Movement Therapy involves energetic dance workouts from varied genres which give you the opportunity to have fun whilst increasing your heart rate and mood. Try to follow along but if you don’t, don’t worry because so long as your moving – you’re doing it right!


Art Therapy is a practice that allows you to express your emotions or deal with stress through creative processes and art materials. Even if you don’t have the materials at home - our therapists give you advice and inspiration to create using anything from household objects to the natural environment.


Pilates At Your Desk demonstrates low impact seated routines, exercises and practical tips to get you moving and breathing in ways that improve your posture, strength and mobility.


Yoga is a holistic practice with a focus on mind-body connection and invites participants to use breathing, meditation, balance and strength to cultivate calm, mindfulness and self-empowerment. It is a gentle practice which is accessible to yogis of all levels including complete beginners.







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