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Everyone feels unhappy from time-to-time but depression is different.

Depression lasts for long periods of time and often interferes with your everyday life. It can also come on for no particular reason – sometimes even when, on paper, your life seems great.

Simple tasks can become more difficult to complete when you’re experiencing depression and negative thoughts can take over, making things seem impossible to change or overcome.

 How it can feel? 

Most people associate depression with feeling sad but there are many other ways it can affect you. You may find you:

  • Have a lack of motivation;
  • Notice changes in your eating and/or sleeping patterns;
  • Have difficulty concentrating or remembering things;
  • Feel irritable and agitated;
  • Feel weepy or lonely;
  • Feel hopeless;
  • Lose interest in things you usually enjoy;
  • Think more negatively than usual.

Depression can sneak into your life and make you unhappy, exhausted, isolated and unable to function in everyday life. It makes you think that things will never get better, but with our support, they will. It’s a common problem and easily treated with the right help.

When to seek help?

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of depression and are finding it harder to cope with your day-to-day life, it may be time to seek help.

What support is available?

Living Well Consortium can offer self-help advice for low mood and a listening ear. We also offer online ( Link to Silver Cloud ) and Talking Therapies for mild to moderate depression.

Our community providers  offer specialist assessment and therapy for depression.

If you feel you are at a crisis point, due to depression, Contact the Crisis team. (Use The Forward Thinking Birmingham Link to the Crisis Team)


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