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Davy Hay

Managing Director of Pattigift

I am the Managing Director of Pattigift Therapy CIC an African centred psychological therapies organisation based in Birmingham.

My background is in the field of mental health. I have worked as a mental health nurse in a number of areas including inpatients, community liaison, elderly and substance misuse; as well as working for a time as a mental health lecturer.

Alongside working in the UK, my work as taken to me the Caribbean and to Saudi Arabia. I have degrees in nursing and mental health and postgraduate awards as a specialist mental health practitioner.

I left the NHS after 25 years to find a vehicle that would allow me to be more beneficial to my community.

That vehicle was Pattigift Therapy; and I feel honoured to have created the first (and only) independent mental health hospital focussed on the particular cultural and psychological needs of African heritage people.

Although for a variety of reasons the project ended; I consider it the most significant milestones in my career to date.

Jointly with a colleague at Pattigift I had the honor of receiving the Presidents award from the Association of Black Psychologists (USA) in 2016 for “advancing African centred healing internationally”.

I have been a board member of the consortium for a number of years, and my motivation remains the same as the first day and that firstly to hopefully be a voice for the smaller organisations within the consortium; and secondly to play my part in ensuring that the board and the consortium as a whole seeks to work ethically with its constituents.

Portrait photo of Davy Hay