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Feeling worried about the vaccine? Here’s what to do.

With the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out underway, many are feeling optimistic about getting back to normal. However, as with any large changes and the prospect of something new, some of us may be facing heightened worries or anxieties around the prospect of getting the vaccine.

The goof news is that this is totally normal. Commenting on the anxiety around the coronavirus vaccine, Living Well UK’s Emma Lee said:

“It is natural to feel anxious about the idea of having a new vaccine due to us not know a lot about it. If we don’t have a lot of information about something, our anxieties towards it tends to increase as our minds can imagine the worst. If you are experiencing anxiety about a new vaccine, you could try speaking with your GP, or do some research of your own to find out a bit more. 

“Feeling stressed in general at the moment is completely common; this is due to the uncertainty of the future and the added pressures that have come due to COVID-19. This may increase our stresses about money, job security, family health, relationships and so on.

“If you are experiencing increase in stress or a decrease in your mental health, I would encourage you to speak with your GP as they will be able to advise you what is available for support. This may include 1:1 support sessions, or even self-help programmes, which can be easily accessed either online or on your phone. Take a look at these options if you are feeling stressed or anxious, or having difficulty with sleeping more than usual.

“Never be ashamed or scared about reaching out for help: more often than not, having someone to share your worries with immediately makes them feel better! What’s more, learning coping techniques will be handy to have for the rest of your life, being able to transfer over to other life stresses you may face, or even being able to support your friends or family in the future also.

 “Feeling more in control and having trust in the science will come with time. If you are feeling anxious about the vaccine then don’t rush into anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or heightens your anxiety. Instead, if you would like further information about it before going ahead, always express this to your GP and ask if there is anything available for you to learn more about it.”

For more details visit or call 0121 663 1217.

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