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Simone – art and music


April 15 @ 11:00 am



Hello, I’m Simone,  I am an artist and a yoga teacher, and I mix both of them together.

In your workshop we will be looking at using music to inspire and ignite the creativity that is already inside you, we will be making big pieces that are free flowing and come from you, your individual way of drawing and painting. I look forward to our session!

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Meeting ID: 863 2313 9536

Passcode: 722475

Session Suggestions

  • At least 5 pages of A4 paper or a sketchbook
  • Writing or drawing Pens
  • Writing or drawing Pencils
  • Coloured felt tips or/and coloured pencils (If possible water-soluble)
  • Watercolour or any paint they may have available.

These are just suggestions the basic kit could just be paper, a pen or pencil.



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