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Beginners Slow Flow Yoga


November 18, 2021 @ 11:00 - 12:00



This is a fun class working on strength, flexibility and balance. It’s a great introduction to yoga.

Harjean’s classes are designed to focus on the synchronicity of breath and movement, this is when we can heal the body and bring calmness to the mind.

Harjean’s classes allow you to develop both strength and flexibility while being mindful and present at the same time. And also having some fun at the same time! There is an element of both challenging the body and remaining calm and present that Harjean tries to instil in her classes. Prepare to feel relaxed, sleep better, feel calmer, reduce stress, and become flexible and strong. While yoga translates as ‘yoke’ or coming together, let’s bring the elements of breath and movement together bringing freshness into the mind and body. See you on the mat!

Zoom meeting details

Meeting ID: 895 1244 8694
Passcode: 8FMQ3A



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Harjean Ubhi
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