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Our Team

We Aspire, We Create, We Deliver

Graham Beaumont  CEO of Health Exchange 

Graham Beaumont has been the CEO of Health Exchange since its launch in June 2006. He has a vibrant CV with a background in psychology, education and work with the council as a Business Support Manager; he has also been involved in economic regeneration projects around Birmingham.

Graham is constantly looking to grow and change Health Exchange as a business: “Our annual report for this year will look completely different to the one from last year and that one was different from the year before. This would worry some corporate companies but for me it means that we are constantly doing something different and growing as an enterprise”.

Growth is definitely a motivating factor for Graham but “money doesn’t get me out of bed in the morning” he says – it is his social mission to “help to change behaviour to improve health and deliver public health information in an engaging way” that drives him forward.

Quality of services is also highly important to Graham: “One of the best ways to improve a business is to appoint people who are better than yourself,” he says. “To be successful, you need to employ people who want to drive the business forward”. He originally became CEO on a temporary basis, but has now been with the Health Exchange since 2006 when it was formally launched. “I will only leave when I know that it’s in better hands than mine” he asserts.

Graham is recognised as a visionary thinker, with an excellent track record in strategic planning and policy implementation. Prior to his current CEO role with Health Exchange he ran a Social Enterprise business support organisation and previously worked for 25 years, leading and managing many key areas of business development, economic regeneration, social inclusion and lifelong learning in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Davy Hay  Managing Director of Pattigift

I am the Managing Director of Pattigift Therapy CIC an African centred psychological therapies organization based in Birmingham. My background is in the field of mental health. I have worked as a mental health nurse in a number of areas including inpatients, community liaison, elderly and substance misuse; as well as working for a time as a mental health lecturer. Alongside working in the UK, my work as taken to me the Caribbean and to Saudi Arabia. I have degrees in nursing and mental health and postgraduate awards as a specialist mental health practitioner.

I left the NHS after 25 years to find a vehicle that would allow me to be more beneficial to my community. That vehicle was Pattigift Therapy; and I feel honoured to have created the first (and only) independent mental health hospital focussed on the particular cultural and psychological needs of African heritage people. Although for a variety of reasons the project ended; I consider it the most significant milestones in my career to date.

Jointly with a colleague at Pattigift I had the honor of receiving the Presidents award from the Association of Black Psychologists (USA) in 2016 for “advancing African centred healing internationally”.

I have been a board member of the consortium for a number of years, and my motivation remains the same as the first day and that firstly to hopefully be a voice for the smaller organizations within the consortium; and secondly to play my part in ensuring that the board and the consortium as a whole seeks to work ethically with its constituents.

Martin Hogg  – CEO of Citizen Coaching

Martin Hogg is the founder and Director of Birmingham based Social Enterprises Citizen Coaching CIC and Birmingham Counselling Services. Martin leads a team of over 40 counsellors and therapists who deliver more than 8000 counselling sessions a year to people in Birmingham. A counsellor and coach himself, Martin founded Citizen Coaching in 2005 to redress the lack of affordable counselling options in the city and to provide early stage anger management interventions to adults and young people whose anger is causing them problems in their lives.

In his spare time Martin enjoys travel, particularly in Scandinavia, and has a known weakness for ice-cream.

Aqib Afzal Business & Operations Support Officer

Aqib Afzal is the Senior operations and project officer for the Living Well Consortium who supports the delivery and contract management of the improving access to psychological service for young people and adults. Aqib has a business background who graduated from Aston University in 2014 and since has worked with us. Aqib is passionate about understanding the data the Living well Consortium has therefore it can be used to make meaningful decisions and support positive outcomes for patients.

Tinga Umera  Finance and Contracts manager

Tinga Umera joined Health Exchange in March 2016 as Finance and Contracts manager with comprehensive experience in financial management, business development, contracting, business analysis and company accounts. Tinga’s previous roles/experience include working as a Finance Director, Head of Finance, Financial controller and manager in the Private sector, Recruitment, Healthcare and Banking industry.

“My ambition is to fully comprehend the dynamic world of Social Enterprise, Business Accounting and Finance in all its technical and practical aspects whilst putting theory into practice.”

In his spare time Tinge enjoys travelling, any form of sport as well as meeting new people.

Richard Hadley  Co-opted Member

Richard is a Chartered Accountant who spent 16 years at Deloitte, working in both the corporate finance and audit businesses during that time. Whilst at Deloitte Richard worked with a range of public, private and third sector clients.

Richard’s work in the public sector was primarily for NHS organisations. Richard was the project lead for a number of NHS trusts undergoing foundation trust assessments, involving both financial due diligence and an assessment of governance and controls. Richard also supported a number of other NHS organisations across the UK that were undertaking transactions.

Richard’s work for private sector clients included being the Deloitte project lead on the listing of a number of Midlands based businesses on AIM. Richard led the work providing financial due diligence and an assessment of financial controls and reporting procedures ahead of the listing.

Richard recently left Deloitte to pursue opportunities working with third sector organisations. Richard currently supports a number of organisations in a voluntary capacity and provides financial advice to other social enterprises including the Board of Living Well Consortium.

Patrick Kwesiga  MBACP, Clinical Operations Manager

Patrick Kwesiga is the Clinical and operation Manger for Living Well Consortium. He is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Holding a masters in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy and BA (Social Sciences).

Qualified IAPT supervisor and hold a Post Graduate in IAPT Leadership and Management and accredited Wellbeing Facilitator

Patrick has depth of experience in Community development and community Health and wellbeing promotion.

Ben Howells Area Manager – Richmond Fellowship

Ben Howells is a graduate from Hull University with a Politics degree; he has commercial and 3rd Sector management experience. Ben is the area manager at Aquarius and has been in the 3rd sector industry for around 10 years.

At Aquarius Ben works to develop and implement programmes to help people overcome the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling.

As an area manager Ben plays a key role as a successful networker, building strong relationships with key stakeholders in the region to complement the national Business Development team within the organisation. Ben plays a key role in managing the business operation needs in general.

Ben has an outside interest in sports, specifically cricket, football and Politics in general.

Ben currently is part of the Living Well Consortium Board.

Louise McKiernan  Director Disability Resource Centre

Louise Mckiernan is Chief Executive of the Disability Resource Centre; one of the leading disability organisations operating in Birmingham, Solihull and the wider West Midlands providing a range of services to disabled people, frail older people and those with long term health conditions.  This includes not only individuals with mental ill health but also those presenting with poor mental health as a result of their impairment or health condition.Louise Mckiernan is Chief Executive of the Disability Resource Centre; one of the leading disability organisations operating in Birmingham, Solihull and the wider West Midlands providing a range of services to disabled people, frail older people and those with long term health conditions.  This includes not only individuals with mental ill health but also those presenting with poor mental health as a result of their impairment or health condition.Service provision for people with mental ill health in Birmingham includes:• Information, advice and advocacy support on such issues as housing, debt, fuel poverty, welfare, safeguarding, independent living and access to statutory and non-statutory services• Confidential counselling services• Social, leisure and health promotion activities• Life skills and personal development training• Work preparation and employment support• Help at Home Service supporting people to live independently in their own homes through the provision of domestic support tasks, garden maintenance and handy-person services

Harvinder Sohal  Markeitng and Operation Manager

Harvinder Sohal is the Marketing and Operations Manager for Living Well consortium. Harvinder has extensive, sales, Marketing, and Project management experience working in the private, public and voluntary sector.

Harvinder is a creative individual and able to identify new business opportunities and always keen to forge strong partnership in the sector to delivery services or products through her passionate attitude to making things happen.

Currently Harvinder is managing the Marketing and Operations function for the IAPT and Forward-Thinking Birmingham contract along with developing the Living Well Consortium networks.