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A little introduction about our Members 

Health Exchange

Raising levels of knowledge and awareness of positive healthy lifestyles, by developing intelligence delivered through a partnership with the voluntary and community sector. Linking physical health, mental health and wellbeing.


My Time CIC

My Time is an award-winning, pioneering and innovative service user led multi-lingual community mental health service provider working in the Midlands and the Isle of Wight.

In 12 years it has developed community based solutions to increasing levels of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and long-term mental health issues. In December 2015, it became a fully integrated division of Richmond Fellowship.


Our Roots

Our Roots is a community interest company (CIC) that started as an organized Community Group known as Back To My Roots in February 2009. Back To My Roots rose out of the work of Community Development Workers of the then South Birmingham PCT based in Midland Heart that was delivering the government’s Delivering Race Equality (DRE) program for mental health


St Martins

Conveniently located in the heart of the City Centre, we provide a calm, safe and confidential space for you deal with emotional distress and pain. Here, you can express yourself freely and talk about whatever concerns you. Working in a warm, trusting relationship with a therapist, we help you find your own way towards healing at a pace that suits you.


​Change Birmingham Brief Therapy

Change is a counselling charity that provides free counselling to individuals aged 14+ who are registered with a Birmingham GP. We ask for voluntary donations for anyone not matching this criteria.


Pattigift Therapy

Pattigift African Centered Mental Health Care as it was known originally was founded in 2003 by Rameri Moukam to address the serious psychological issues facing Black professionals and the wider community. Inspired by a belief in self-determination, she set about creating an organization through which long neglected needs could be addressed.


Spring to Life

At Spring to Life we recognise that there are many pathways towards wellness. All people are different in what works for them and gives them healing. We also see the need to allow people to try out new approaches and therapies, which they may have never considered. As such, we offer a wide range of well-being modalities which fall into four categories. Each of these benefiting people in a variety of ways: Talking therapies, Creative therapies, Body work, and Eco-therapies.


The Lateef Project

The Lateef Project is a community led counselling service for Muslims and people related to the Muslim community in Birmingham, a confidential emotional support service available at the cost of a call. The service uses male and female volunteers trained in Islamic counselling to a level where they can support you, with understanding of the sorts of issues that happen in our lives.


Sifa Fireside

SIFA Fireside is a dynamic Birmingham based charity improving health and inclusion for homeless people. We are based in Digbeth, Birmingham and work with people aged 18 and over with no upper age limit.


Acacia Family Support

Acacia Family Support offers Pre and Postnatal depression support services to families across Birmingham.



Charity, helping to overcome harm caused by alcohol, gambling and drugs.



Bromford is a business with a social purpose whose objective is to inspire our customers to be their best. For more than 50 years we’ve provided customers with new and affordable homes and provided a range of services aimed at reducing welfare-dependency and generating social value in employment, education, health and community safety.


Bethel Health & Healing Network

We provide help and emotional support to refugees, asylum seekers, and venerable or isolated women in Birmingham during pregnancy, Child birth and once their babies have been born as part of the Bethel & Healing Network.


Momentum Skills

Momentum Skills provides training and employability services to people with disabilities and those who are excluded.


BITA Pathways

Enabling people with mental health problems to gain and sustain employment through delivering Education, Volunteering and Employment Services.


Trident Reach- the People Charity

Domiciliary care and support provision, providing personal and social care to a range of customers in their own homes, and increasing volunteer and community participation.


ICAP West Midlands

A charity providing counselling and psychotherapy to help people heal their lives and deal with emotional trauma, depression and risk of suicide. Originally founded to meet the needs of Irish immigrants resident in Britain, we continue today to support the Irish community as well as people from other communities.


Birmingham Mind

Provides mental wellbeing and health promotion and specialist mental health recovery-based interventions.


COPE  [Black Mental Health Foundations]

Based in Handsworth, Birmingham provides quality and timely services for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) mental health users, carers, lone parents and families in partnership with other organisations with a duty of care.

www.copementalhealth.com ​

Disability Resource Centre

Encouragement and support to disabled including employment and disability links


Full Potential Arts

Creative way to health and wellbeing- professional and people engagement


W.A.I.T.S (Women Acting In Today’s Society)

Provides support, advocacy, befriending and counselling for women who have experienced domestic abuse in any part of their life. We support women to address issues such as welfare benefits, employment and education, business development, resettlement, domestic abuse, isolation, health; and crime and the fear of crime.


Start Again Project CIC

Start-Again Project CIC is a Social Enterprise that is committed to understanding, encouraging and empowering young people aged 13 to 30 in their search for a better life.


Murray Hall Community Trust

Aims to promote people’s health and wellbeing by tackling the challenges of inequality; facilitating empowerment; as well as pioneering new solutions and delivering innovative services to people; offering school and community based counselling as well as art and drama therapy for children and young people.


Midland Heart

One of the top ten housing and care organisations based in the UK, supporting those who need help to live independently, assisting in regenerating communities and helping individual to discover their own abilities.


Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau Service Ltd.

We provide the advice people need for the problems they face. We offer information and advice on a wide range of issues to those living or working in the Birmingham area. Our service is free, confidential, independent and impartial. We will not judge you, persuade you or tell you what you should do. We will listen, explain all the options available to you, and advise you on the course of action you decide to take.


Friendship Care and Housing

We help people lead fuller lives. We provide homes and support that meet individual needs and create better neighbourhoods to live in. We are committed to promoting equality, diversity and customer awareness and are a member of and fully committed to In Business for Neighbourhoods.


Birmingham Museums Trust

To advance education by the operation, maintenance, development and promotion of museums, galleries and libraries in Birmingham, together with associated facilities and related programmes of outreach and research, fostering knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts, history, science and technology by residents and visitors to the city of Birmingham.



Anawim comes from the Aramaic word (ah-nah-weem) meaning the poorest, the outcast, the persecuted – those with no voice. Anawim is a Women’s Centre based in Birmingham that provides a holistic service to women across the city.


Birmingham Women’s Consortium

At Women’s Consortium we understand that life is tough at times and can leave us feeling sad, de-motivated, powerless and without hope. Sometimes we need assistance with life and therapy can help us do this; because of this need, we have different therapy packages that can help individuals with their paths in life


Spokz People CIC

Spokz People was set up after we discovered that many people with disabilities would prefer to speak to a therapist with disability knowledge or experience. We support the social model of disability. This looks both at a person’s impairment and all the factors that affect their ability to be a full and equal participant in society.


Citizen Coaching

We help adults and young people achieve better lives using jargon-free, accessible and affordable counselling, anger management and skills development.


Newman Health & Wellbeing

Newman Health & Wellbeing exists to improve the quality of life for individuals and to make a positive contribution to the communities and organisations to which they belong. Both close to Bartley Green where we are based and within wider Birmingham and beyond. Counselling and Psychotherapy: for children, young people and adults across Birmingham and beyond.

Contact:0121 483 2205


Karis Neighbour Scheme

To enable people to act as good neighbours so that grace can change lives and transform communities.
Provide support to people in our community who are in need by offering a broad range of help including practical support, advocacy and befriending
Bring people in our community together by reaching out to people, offering friendship, and providing opportunity to spend time getting to know each other.


Mashriq Challenge Resource Centre

provide a community based support service primarily to women who are depressed, isolated or disabledto help them build confidence and lead a better life.


Future Health & Social Care Association CIC

To enable people to act as good neighbours so that grace can change lives and transform communities.