Avoca Court, 23 Moseley Road, Digbeth, Birmingham B12 0HJ
0121 663 1217

Model and Operating Structure

We Aspire, We Create, We Deliver

Model and Operating Structure

  • Holistic, person-centred practice
  • A commitment to addressing health inequalities
  • Championing and promoting social justice and equality
  • Inter-linking mental health services/interventions and wider community regeneration practice
  • Using mental health and wider well-being initiatives and projects to generate added value by promoting social cohesion, developing local social capital and building sustainable community capacity
  • Commitment to self-empowerment – enabling individuals to take control over their own lives and to be the originators and catalysts of their own mental health and well-being improvement strategies
  • Supporting individuals to discover and fulfil their own potential
  • Encouraging co-operation and mutuality through collective approaches to self-help/self-care
  • Non-judgmental, anti-discriminatory practice
  • Respect for the individual
  • Community based and community oriented responsive services

Our Social Value

The consortium is a partnership of agencies operating in the social enterprise and charitable sector. What binds the collaborators is a clear commitment to personal and community benefit and the commitment to build on the value-driven approach of the not-for-profit, independent sector to deliver our shared vision. With the new Social Value Act in place, commissioners will be asking providers to demonstrate the wider value created beyond price, from employing local people to reinvesting profit back into the community. As a non-profit agency led by service users and organisations based within the City, the Consortium places a strong emphasis on the wider social value it can generate through the provision of mental health and wellbeing services.